Maltby Street Market

Incredible Victorian railway arches owned by timber merchants and salvage dealers who also reside here during the week, transform into one of my favourite London food markets on the weekend.


A market that has started on a Bermondsey ropewalk around 2010, now houses some of the best producers, drinks and food around. Stretched on a narrow walk, with many stalls along and eateries inside the arches, the market creates a really buzzing atmosphere. Market vibes get enhanced even more by crowds of people coming to enjoy all the delicious awesomeness.

Maltby is a home to the great St. John’s restaurant. Although open through the week, the restaurant feels to me like one of a staple parts of the market during the weekend. Really tasty wine, food and a vanilla doughnut. Oh the doughnut. To me – the most delicious one in town.


Other regulars include Maltby & the Greek, sourcing some great Greek wines and produce.


M wines – wine stall selling wines by the wine makers who are free to experiment and express themselves by making awesome wine done their own way.


Bar Tozino a home of jamon iberico and many more.


To me Maltby is great because it is always fresh. Producers rotate quite a lot. Every time I am there, there is something new and awesome I have not tried before. From incredeible producers selling top drinks and produce to great food ready to be devoured in secs!

Here is a pic of THE doughnut!


First post done. Peace Ya’ll

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