Palermo in a Day

It’s a throwback to a start of a really hot September day in Palermo. Slow and quiet walk starting at Via Sant’Agostino seems never ending. In a good way. It’s 12 in the afternoon and stalls selling all the household stuff look pretty quiet. Only a few paletarmians are around, seem to be relaxing after a busy morning rush.


Unexpectedly sudden – long, narrow and quiet street transforms into a vibrant and crowded food market. We are here -at the centre Mercato il Capo.

Market is full of beautiful produce – incredible super- sized fruit and vegetables. Fresh olives and spices.




Here’s lots of fresh sea food from octopus to swordfish. Next to them – grotesquely beautiful carcasses of fresh meat.


Now time to head to Pasticceria Fratelli Magri. Around a twenty minute walk from Mercato il Capo this amazing bakery is tucked in a residential area. Stuffed with hundreds of traditional Sicilian cakes – makes it hard to choose from.


A wild strawberry slice made me so happy. Haven’t had any of those delicious berries for years!



It’s +31 degrees today, making us wait until the eve to explore food more.

Around 9 pm streets start to slightly cool down from the sweltering heat. Just a few minutes away from our place and we are at the Mercato della Vucciria. The place is like nothing I have seen before.


Smoke from cooking food comes out of every corner. People are talking loud and it is not quite clear what is happening where. At a first glance chaotic and rough looking square, soon becomes looking insanely inviting.


Groups of people devouring freshly fried street snacks. All the food is laid out in front of you, being prepared in minutes. All mostly happening in the small square of the market.

Palermo is super chaotic and super great at the same time. It takes a while to get used to but never really quite disappoints. I think. This post reflects only a small fraction of Palermo’s food. There is so much more to it. If well researched, Palermo’s food offering is a treat.


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