It is all about The Brew

All the coffee geeks out there will agree if not insist it for a fact – filter tastes best. Although it’s nice to me to enjoy a cheeky flat white now and then, I believe coffee’s flavour indeed comes through best enjoyed as black filter.

Geek jokes aside, adding a bit of factual cheesiness – coffee very much is like wine. I had been taught that coffee holds more flavour compounds than wine. And I find it really exciting. For me different flavours tasted in coffee is one of the most exciting parts of the job. Imagine coffee tasting like fruit or flowers or berries or even sweets and caramel. All of those flavours can be found when tasting high quality, really well grown and roasted coffee.  To be almost completely exact: rated 80 points of 100 or above by SCA – a Speciality Coffee Association.

There is so much to coffee flavour I could tell I love about. Tasting coffee from different parts of the world bring different sensations to the palette. African coffees are fruity and floral. Let’s say Kenyan coffees have more acidic fruit notes in them. Whereas Ethiopian coffees have got lovely and delicate floral notes. South American coffees taste rather sweet. Where Columbian coffees have caramel and nutty notes in them. All of these flavours mentioned above reveal themselves in a very well done black filter brew.

Over a few years working in a speciality coffee environment I developed some preferences for tasty coffee making.

Here I chose my favourite three ways to brew filter.

First one is a Kalita Wave. To start with, it is pretty reliable extraction wise. Flat bottom dripper with three holes in it makes an extraction pretty even. It’s rather great using at home due to a minimised margin of error. Again thanks to the even extraction from three holes in a dripper. Likewise it is awesome to take to travels. Steel dripper is super practical. However, although I often find some flavour of the brew quite nice and full, I often feel like Kalita brings out a bitter finish to the brew too.

Perhaps one of fav methods is aeropress. I find end flavour to be quite clear. Also, love a body this method creates. Lovely, juicy mouthful.  Body using aeropress is super full and enjoyable. Once again it’s like tasting, let’s say Kenyan coffee beans. (Kenyan = acidic fruit) You feel like biting through a tasty sour sweet apple which flavour has been made really clear. Pretty dreamy sounding stuff I know. But anyway it tastes real nice.

Last one is V60.  I think Hario V60 is amongst the most popular brewing equipment around. Also, it is rather fast. However, it is not as forgiving to error as a Kalita is. Though, if made with care V60 can produce a cup that highlights sweetness and acidity of the coffee.  This is again super delicious!

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