Floral, juicy honey goodness


I decided to continue a theme of incredible coffee by creating a drink of my own. As mentioned in a previous post, different flavours in good coffee really do fascinate me.

So here is a bit more of how I decided to use this particular coffee to make my drink. I chose a lovely bean from Kenya. It has incredible honey, green grape and floral notes. When I tried it by its own – to me – flavours worked really well. I thought I could really make it work by making it into a coffee based drink by enhancing awesome flavours the coffee already had.


I have never created a drink before. So this take was a challenge. Reading a Meehan’s Bartender Manual before starting creating my drink was a great help. Although, flavour recognising and tweaking is not very new to me, there is much room to improve when it comes to matching flavour with alcohol. That’s why I found Meehan’s advice of how to go on approaching creating drinks incredibly useful. It was really interesting to see how similarities to coffee and drink industry collide too. It is all about the flavour, I think. And good flavour goes parallel within all drink and food industries – I realised.



Firs thing I did, was researching a base drink. Kenyan coffee is floral, green grape and honey like. So I went for lovely fruity, citrusy and redolent of honey Old Pulteney whisky.

I wanted quite a distinctive floral note in a drink. Hence I decided to make lavender and cornflower syrups. I really wanted to add a bright acidic flavour of green grape, so I added a dash of lemon juice. It did not really taste right, so after a research, I made a green grape juice of my own. Lastly, I made good quality honey syrup. Shaking the ingredients over ice proved to work best. I topped up the drink with bee pollen for some extra texture. Finally, I decorated the cocktail with dried cornflowers.  The end result was delicious. Very delicate, honey like, floral, juicy goodness!



Kavutiri Coffee by Origin Coffee Roasters brewed with V60 30 ml

Simple lavender syrup 15 ml

Cornflower syrup 10 ml

Fresh green grape juice 20 ml

Old Pulteney Whisky 30 ml

Honey syrup 15 ml

Shake with ice, fine strain into a chilled glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with bee pollen and dried cornflowers.

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