Delicate Sip A Coffee Cocktail


Continuing a coffee inspired drink theme – here is another delicious drink I created. A lot more delicate than the first coffee drink I made, it is exciting and fresh.


I used another african bean, this time a super delicious Ethiopian Dhilgee. Awesome floral, red berry and lime notes really excited me to work with this coffee.

Yet again, it was a challenge. An exciting one, of course. I started with a base drink. I picked another whisky. An incredible blended malt Epicurean by Douglas Laing. Light and gentle lowland whisky with sweet, citric and herbal notes matched with Dhilgee coffee really well.


I tried matching red berry notes by adding Chambord. Added fresh lime juice for the lime and simple levander syrup for the floral notes. Stirred all with ice.

A flavour of a raspberry liquor seemed to overpower the whole drink. Fresh lime juice seemed to o overpower the drink too.


So heres comes a take two. I swapped Chambord for a simple fresh raspberry syrup. Lime juice was replaced by simply spraying the wonderful oils of the lime peel all over an empty chilled glass. I kept the levander syrup, added the Ecuperian and Dhilgee brewed with V 60. Tried shaking all with ice. And Voila! It worked better this time. A super delicate, delicious drink.



Dhilgee Lot 4 brewed with V60 30 ml

Simple lavender syrup 25 ml

Epicurean whisky 30ml

Fresh raspberry syrup 25 ml

Glass sprayed with lime peel

Shaken with ice, strained into a chilled glass sprayed with lime peel over an ice sphere.

Garnish with dried levader petals.

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