Spa Terminus

Although I almost choked to death (accidentally) from some cured meats, a long awaited visit to Spa Terminus was awesome. Cured meats tasted delicious, and all went fine in the end though! The lady producer from Crown and Queue was lovely and literally saved me from choking by giving me some water and just being super nice about it.

I have been looking forward to visit Spa Terminus for a while. It has got many of the greatest London producers all in one spot.

However, first of all more of what Spa Terminus is all about. It is defo not a spa filled with awesome food. Obviously?! It is indeed a sort of a mega awesome brilliant producer community. Based in Bermondsey – it is where the magic happens.

From Monmouth Coffee Company and St. John’s bakery to Niels Yard Dairy – they are all here at Spa Terminus.

Monday to Friday producers do wholesale only. However, many of businesses open their arches to retail customers on Saturday mornings up to 2pm.

Here are loads of pictures of what producers I managed to catch on a Saturday a little while ago.




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