Both Good is all about great stuff whether it is awesome products, great recipes or great producers. (All equally important I believe.) Sooo here is me exploring great producers making great things. I am starting with bread. There are a few places in London that bake phenomenal bread. However, I would love to exclude a few particularly, that in my opinion, are literally smashing it out.


Pavilion does a few things great. And the bread is one of them. Baked really well. You can grab some of their delicious bread together with a great cup of coffee at their Broadway Marker shop. It is a great little space with an impressive window bread display. They got another spot at Columbia road as well a cafe in Victoria Park. I got a white sourdough loaf. Super light and crispy. It was delicious. Best ingredients sourced locally.  So great.




e5 Bakehouse

I have got to say, I heard some good stuff about the e5 bake house. But giiirll I was amazed with the quality of the stuff. It is DELICIOUS! I got a lovely Stockholm and Walnut and Rye Rugbrød loaf. Jeez, how can it be so good? Thank you people of the e5 Bakehouse. You are legendary. Staff at the bakery were so lovely too. Guys were singing and the vibe was fabulous. I am in love. So yes, here is my totally unbiased opinion here for you guys. To be completely serious, it is good. Worth giving it a go for the quality, locality, skill and respect for the bread. As well as for a great story and community behind.




Brickhouse Bread

I have heard a lot of good things about this bakery. They specialise in sourdough. And it really shows. I managed to grab a sourdough multigrain loaf when at Neal’s Year dairy shop. It is pretty great to grab some awesome bread along with great cheese. Once again – a third bakery that did not disappoint. A lovely, light and crispy loaf with a nice and delicate texture of grain.  A result!




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