Continuing with great producers making great things – cheese, the glorious cheese is up next.

I have chosen to talk about three of my favourite places for cheese.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

I got to admire Neal’s Yard dairy. Of course years of experience and quality speak for themselves, I guess. However, from my personal experience Neal’s Yard is wonderful. I have been working with their cheeses in several cafes before. The consistency and quality is exceptional. Delicious cheese. Always.

Although, I knew how good Neal’ Yard dairy is, not until recently I decided to explore it more. Other great cheese producers and shops included!

Now back to Neal’s Yard. Thera are a few things that make this cheese producer so special. First of all, Neal’s Yard specialises in selecting, maturing and selling cheeses from the UK and Ireland. Neal’s Yard puts a lot of effort and care to produce their cheese to a final product.

The other thing I love about Neal’s Yard is the exceptional customer service. Their cheesemongers are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They always offer to taste the cheese first before choosing.

Paxton and Whitfield

Another cheese shop on an exploration list is Paxton and Whitfield. I was amazed with the rich history of this amazing cheese shop. They opened their first shop in 1772. It grew from there. Demand for their cheese was so high that they even got appointed a royal warrant from the queen herself. Through many years of up and downs, Paxton and Whitfield now stand strong. They sell an extremely wide variety of British and European cheeses. What a teat their shop is at the Jermyn St. location.

La Fromagerie

Three words: The Cheese Room. Honestly, I have never seen anything like it. It is essentially a chilled room full of cheese. However, it is incredible. You walk in to it through a sliding door. The minute you are in, a light chill goes through your skin. It is about 4 degrees in a room. The array of cheeses laid right in front of you is incredible. There are loads of shelfs on the walls all full of cheese. (Such a great idea.) I went to the Marylebone store. It is rather big. It contains a shop, a tasting room and of course The Cheese Room.

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