A Deliciously Cool Green Tea and Gin Iced Lolly


I created a green tea, gin and passion fruit iced lolly. Love how versatile green tea and tea in general can be in drink making and playing around in food with. To celebrate great tea a bit more and to finally use a beautiful couple of passion fruit I bought a little while ago, I have decided to come up with this bad boy of an iced lolly. Super easy to make and tastes great. If I do say so myself. Haha.

Here is how to make it.

Bits to have:

90 ml half sweet ant half tart passion fruit flesh
100ml dragon well green tea. I used the one from the Postcard Teas.
120ml simple sugar syrup
80ml gin. I used some Sipsmith London Dry one.


Put through most of the flesh of passion fruit through a fine sieve to extract the juice. Keep some flesh unsifted. Mix sugar syrup, gin, green tea and passion fruit juice and flesh in a bowl. Pour the mixture into a mould of your choice. Freeze for around 40 mins (just when the mixture starts to firm up) , then insert ice lolly sticks. I used some straws!

Freeze until set and enjoy.

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