Time at Leiths

Choosing to take up a cookery course was a big decision for me. The key two components of Both Good are great drinks and great food. Working as a coffee professional for a while sort of introduced me to a bit of an every aspect of the drinks world. It has definitely developed my palette drinks wise too.  Although, I am still learning about drinks and have got A LOT left to learn.

Back to the food bit. I sort of always knew what tasted good and what not. My cooking was allright. However, I did not have the skills and knowledge of how to put things together professionally.


When creating this website my aim was to learn and share the knowledge, eventually using all to create a drinks and food pairing service.

That’s where came a dilemma, how do I learn how to cook?? Do I learn it myself? Take up an entry restaurant job or what do I do??

After a few thoughts, one day I intuitively decided I need to go to a cookery school for a best result. I have researched the cookery schools in London. After a detailed research I decided to go with Leiths. It seemed pretty reasonable. Considering time, resources and skills to be learned – going for a professional Evening Essential course worked. It takes almost three months to complete. A range of skills learned is pretty wide and school is known for being super reputable and generally great.


After a few initial doubts about pricing I got the courage. With the friends and family support I decided to go for it.

And you know what, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The course itself is great. As it is an evening course, it is quite intense. A range of subjects and skills covered is really wide. Each session covers quite a lot. I missed a class once and it felt that I have missed quite a lot.


Honestly, the course covers so much – from pastry, bread and pasta to meat cooking, knife skills and dessert making.

Teachers are so lovely too. I found out that some of them have worked at Michelin star kitchens. Although, that really showed in their skill, I did not feel by any means intimidated. Other way round, teachers were extremely helpful and most of the times made me feel confident with my cooking.


I was pretty lucky to be surrounded by awesome fellow students too. Our kitchen group was lovely. People got on with each other pretty well. That really added to the whole experience.

Although, I am extremely happy with the cookery school, none of Leiths courses are cheap.

It worked for me as I am determined to pursue a drinks and food career. However, it might not work for everyone. Certainly worth looking into though.



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