Hot Weather Food and Drink

It is super hot in the old smoke this week. Hence I came up with a delicious food and drink combo for the occasion. Super simple and light, yet delicious to eat and drink.

I made a shiitake mushroom toast with a sencha, mint and lychee iced drink.


For the toast:

A handful of shiitake mushrooms

A few springs of thyme

One garlic clove

Some samphire

A few tips of asparagus

Some Ghee for cooking

A slice of brown sourdough

Olive oil for drizzling


A little of parmesan cheese


Melt ghee in a frying pan. Add some crushed garlic and thyme springs. Cook a little then add mushroom and asparagus. Season and cook a little until warmed through.

While veggies are cooking toast the bread.

When  happy with the mushroom and asparagus cooking, assemble all on a piece of lightly oiled toasted bread. Sprinkle with some samphire, a little thyme and grate some parmesan cheese over.

For the drink:

4 g Sencha tea

150 ml water

Few mint springs

100 ml coconut water

Two fresh lychee fruit



Brew the tea and let to cool down. Pour cooled tea in a small jug, add the coconut water, mint and crush both lychee fruit into the mixture. Give it a good stir. Pour into a glass filled with ice and a few mint leaves.

Hope you’ll enjoy!



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