Hey guys,

Here am I learning about incredible drinks and food.  I want to explore ingredients, producers and awesome people creating great things.

I want to place as much emphasis on drinks as on food. I believe those two should be equals and complement each other.  As well as be equally enjoyed and remembered after trying those. Most importantly, I believe drinks should make everyone feel as excited as food does.

Working as a speciality coffee professional, made me really interested in the intricacies of the drinks world. Having an interest in great food as well, it kind of really made sense to me to combine those too into learning more about both.

I want to share this learning process with everyone, as well as to create some of the recipes of my own.

Hope that it all would inspire you to fall in love with great drinks and food as much as I am.

My eventual aim is to use all learning and create a drinks and food pairing service. Let see if I can make the magic happen!